Prayer of Protection from False Doctrine

The Prayer of Protection from False Doctrine is a traditional prayer, which I elected to publish today, after reading the Office of the Readings in the Breviary, for Thursday of week 13 in Ordinary Time or the Feast of Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin, Martyr. Note: I adapted this traditional prayer with a name based on the intention within this beautiful prayer and a method of mental prayer, that I call Careful Contemplation.

Notice that this prayer is directed to Our Heavenly Father and includes the same (or very similar) words at the end of the prayer, which are also used in The Collect, Prayer Over the Offerings, and Prayer After Communion at the Holy Mass, “Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever.” It is advisable to pray this prayer, though not in vain. Yet, with the hope and trust that God will protect you from the things that He allows to go on in His Church and in this world, that are contrary to what Christ taught when He came to bring salvation to the world.

English (United States) and Latin translations are provided below. Additional translations may follow, with priority for Español (Spanish). You may print a copy of this page for your private, personal use only.

Prayer of Protection from False Doctrine – English (United States)

Lord God,
since by the adoption
of grace
you have made us
children of light,
do not let false doctrine
darken our minds,
but grant that your
light may shine
within us
and we may always
live in the
brightness of truth.
Through our Lord
Jesus Christ, your
who lives and reigns
with you in the
unity of the Holy
God, for ever and ever.

Oratio de Praesídio de Falsa Doctrina Fidei – Latin

Deus, qui, per
adoptiónem grátiae,
lucis nos esse fílios
voluísti, praesta,
quaésumus, ut errórum
non involvámur
ténebris, sed in
splendóre veritátis
semper maneámus

Per Dóminum nostrum
lesum Christum,
Fílium tuum,
qui tecum vivit et regnat
in unitáte Spíritus
Sancti, Deus,
Per ómnia sáecula

Original publication date July 6, 2023. Post last updated July 31, 2023.

Adaptations, translations, notes, and typography Copyright © 2023 Gianna Elms, LCSW, LLC. All rights reserved.

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