How to Change the Text Size

To make text bigger, press two keys at the same time:

  • Ctrl and + keys in Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS
  •  and + keys in Mac OS

Other accessibility customization options may be found here: How to Change Text Size or Colors | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C

What to do if you experience a problem using our site

We recognize that for people who experience disabilities, some material on our site may be difficult to access. We have sought to build the site in compliance with WCAG and the ADA, and engaged the services of experts in website accessibility when building the site. We are interested in hearing from people who experience disabilities who have used our website. We want to know about your experiences, and want to address any limitations that you identify.

Web accessibility concerns, or any other accessibility concerns, should be brought to our attention immediately. We will strive to respond within one (1) business day.

Telephone (voice-mail only): 602-280-9002
(I cannot return international calls)
Send Email to: [email protected]

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name:
  • Your phone number:
  • Your email address:
  • The date and time you encountered a problem using our website:
  • The web browser you were using – e.g., Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • The web page/web address on which the problem occurred:
  • What occurred/what were you unable to do:
  • Any error messages you received:

We strive to ensure that our website will comply with WCAG 2.0 AA, but recognize that alternatives to using the website should be available in the event that a person who experiences a disability encounters a problem using our website. Should you encounter such a problem, we urge you to contact us, and we will provide an alternative way to quickly obtain the information you are seeking to obtain through the website.

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