I am Gianna Elms, LCSWI am a Catholic psychotherapist with more than ten different specialties.

I have been so blessed throughout my life, to begin learning about trauma and how to treat and heal it from a very young age. I am so grateful to have been taught by or worked alongside pioneers in the fields of disability rights, psychological trauma, veterans, and religion (spirituality).

As much as many experts have taught me, some of the most powerful and gifted teachers I have are my clients. It has been a privilege to learn with them and from them.

  • B.S. Disability Studies
  • M.Ed. Educational & Counseling Psychology
  • MSW Clinical Social Work
  • Fellowship in Psychoanalytic Thought
  • ADA Coordinator Certification Program
  • Hypnosis Training Program
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker – LCSW
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor – CRC
  • Certified ADA Coordinator – ADAC
  • Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor – CCDVC
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2 – CCTP-II
  • Certified Forensic Social Worker – CFSW
  • Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist – ASDCS
  • Registered Clinical Supervisor/Qualified Consultant
  • Certified Storytelling Leader
  • Certified Seizure First Aid

My Life

As I look back on my life today, I understand that there was a plan for me to help people heal from trauma through forgiveness from the beginning. And, that my experience in helping people who experience disabilities would be essential to my work as a trauma therapist who specializes in what is now known as an adapted version of forgiveness therapy. But make no mistake about it, the adapted version really is not much different than what can be applied to everyone, so long as the person is willing to speak with emotional honesty.
My clinical experience includes crisis intervention, hostage negotiation, evaluation and treatment of past abuse, trauma, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES), anger, depression, anxiety, addictions, and chronic pain; career counseling, case management, advocacy, accommodations of people who experience disabilities, blindness, limited vision, and deafblindness. I converted to the Catholic faith after a period of studying nearly every major religion. I have a love for language, which relates to my personal philosophy for how to use psychotherapy, hypnosis, trauma therapy, and my passion for the integration of effective communication in mental, behavioral, and cognitive-behavioral therapies for people who experience specific disabilities that I have expertise.

After a decade of experience, specializing in Forgiveness Therapy, I was humbled to receive an official endorsement for my work with treating and healing trauma. This endorsement came from the 2022 American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award Winner, Robert D. Enright, Ph.D., who is regarded as “the Father of Forgiveness Therapy” and who Time magazine named “the forgiveness trailblazer”. Forgiveness has only recently been formally recognized in the psychological field as being central to healing from trauma. Yet, it’s a truth that has long been known, although often misunderstood for ages. I believe that forgiveness is more than a choice. Forgiveness is the opportunity to change the way your story ends. I look forward to being part of your story!

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