Client Testimonials

Julie K.

I first sought out help from Gianna because I thought it was possible to “fix” my husband. After several years of marriage, I found myself in a domestic violence situation that seemed hopeless. I still wanted to believe that if I stayed it would make him change and that he actually wanted to stop abusing me, alcohol, and drugs. Gianna helped me to understand that healthy boundaries were not in conflict with my faith. I learned that I could still love my husband and teach my children to love him, without continuing to enable him or put myself and my children in danger. Gianna helped me secure a safety plan for myself and my children. She also taught me how to implement effective ways to help my family cope with the effects of substance abuse. Every day, I am reminded that forgiveness, prayer, and love strengthen me.   

Phil R.

Gianna is very knowledgeable of the unconscious and it’s impossible to keep secrets from her because she will figure you out. She diagnosed my anger at my father in the first session. After only a few more sessions, she also figured out that I was a fraud and that when I do things that hurt others, it’s all a game to me. This was our most productive session because I admitted to her why I do what I do after she called me out in a non-judgmental way. I knew that I could trust her and that she wouldn’t treat me any differently even after I told her my deep, dark, secret. Gianna really believes and lives what she teaches as a Catholic therapist. 

Jean D. 

Gianna has a gift. Therapy was much harder than I thought. After only two sessions, I was overwhelmed with thoughts about my childhood even though that’s not what I talked about in the sessions. I wanted to quit and focus on trying to live a happy life. Gianna said that this is normal and that it is called “resistance”, so I didn’t give up. Gianna was empathetic and compassionate as she listened to and acknowledged my pain. She also helped me to understand that some of my responses to problems that my family experienced contributed to their pain. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But it was the truth. I learned that I don’t need to try to be in control to protect myself from feeling afraid and that forgiveness was necessary for me to experience healing. 

Sandy W.

I was in a troubled marriage and I searched for a Catholic therapist. My husband was living a double life and I was so stuck in my illusion of my made-up world that I wasn’t seeing clearly. I thought that if I just kept pretending that everything was “ok”, then it would be. Gianna helped me to see that I was using denial as a defense and that it was not in conflict with my Catholic faith to set healthy boundaries with my husband and ask him to change. Over the course of time, I learned that he has a personality disorder and that he got pleasure out of hurting me and others. Because of his refusal to participate in counseling or change his behavior, I separated from him for the protection of my soul. Gianna helped me immensely through learning how to forgive, which was how I was able to heal. She respected my desire to remain faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Gianna is a conservative, Catholic therapist and all of her techniques are consistent with the traditional teachings of the Church.


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